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At age 16, I began DJing. In 2004, I began to make music by studying on a Music Production: DJ Tech course in N.Ireland after a life-changing music festival in Holland; I was already keen about music but this event created a passion within me. After a few years of gigging, I moved to Newcastle, England to study a Foundation Degree: Music Production. During this degree, I completed a part-time course in electronic music production which considerably increased my skills in the art.

In 2011 I began to complete my degree; BA Sonic Arts, Brunel University. Here I was introduced to MaxMSP. Fascinated by this program, I spent a lot of time on course related projects where I created a program to control engineered sounds in an octophonic speaker system via remote control (Touch OSC). The class leader, Carl Faia, is a veteran of programming, having worked with the program at its foundation level at IRCAM, Paris. He introduced me to Ambisonics. Although music is my forte, I endeavor to become a professional in software development with the aim to work in 3D sound reproduction.

I believe that it's important to keep oneself healthy and enjoy a wide range of physical activities including calisthenics, going to the gym, Kung Fu and yoga. I love anything and everything musical and in particular am a big fan of Dutch electronic dance music. As a self-confessed 'foodie', I also have a love for gastronomy. I adore many forms of art, such as painting, calligraphy, dancing - music receiving most of my adoration however.

Technology is a fascinating world and I love keeping up to date with it, especially in computing, photography and audio systems, all of which I use for either professional practice (music and programming) and as a hobbyist.


The most relevant skills for your job posting I have gained at Brunel University where -

- I had built a custom manual-operation Surround Sound playback system for my Live Performance module which involved a 6-speaker set-up for FX panning for dramatisation.

- I have also worked in various college/university multi-media productions for coursework and extra curricular activies which includes plays and A.V installations.

- As mentioned in my C.V, I have organsied my own clubs nights in Northern Ireland, and have, whilst working for my previous 2 employers, been responsbile for the installation of P.A hire at many events, primarily for DJs and small parties.

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