About us

Unilimes Group is a progressive and creative team that knows that the future is in 3D visualization. We make every effort to ensure that your applications look favorable in conditions of rapid technological development.

Constantly working on the edge of technology we are doing our best to make impressive mobile and desktop applications available in your browser!

3D technologies help to visualize user desires and help them make decisions faster.

What do we mean? Imagine that you want to model your unique pair of shoes and order it, to look at a hotel room in another country using a 3D tour, to place a model of an overall piece of furniture in your room and evaluate the result, to create a design for repair in your house using a 3D editor and even to put a tattoo sketch on our own skin with the help of AR - all of this items are the tasks that we perform for our partners every day.

For the 5 years of the company's existence, Unilimes team has successfully implemented more than 100 projects for different industries worldwide.


3D Modeling

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Airline, Fashion, Real Estate




Artec3D, Coca-Cola, HBO, Infra Drone Analytics, Subaru, WeAreVR

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