About us

Work with us to create a world safe for every child

At Unicef UK, we’re united by our belief in a better world for children. By working here, you can help us change children’s lives for the better everywhere.

As the UK Committee for Unicef, we raise funds to help change and save the lives of children in 190 countries around the world. We lobby and campaign to ensure children are kept safe and their rights are upheld. And we run programmes in the UK, in schools, hospitals and communities to ensure that children here feel safe, heard, nurtured and able to flourish.

We promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. If you share our values and are ambitious, talented, and motivated to make a difference for children you’ve come to the right place.

The Unicef Way

At Unicef UK we believe in a happy workplace, and in the power of fulfilled colleagues who enjoy their work and are motivated to do their utmost for children. The Unicef Way is a shared set of values, developed by our people for our people, that sets out how we work together and the culture we want to create.

We’re looking for people who share our values, and our passion for making a difference for children all around the world.

Our work culture and environment

We believe in being able to choose the working environment that allows us and our colleagues to do our best work. That’s why we have a flexible working policy that allows for staggered and compressed hours, working from home and more.

And we understand that everyone has a life and responsibilities that work has to fit around. So we support our colleagues to manage a healthy work-life balance, to promote better wellbeing and professional effectiveness.

Our bright, open plan office in Stratford, East London has quiet, collaborative and agile working spaces, and technology that supports us to do the best work for children.

Creativepool member since 6 March 2018