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I, Tony Camilleri, would like to apply for the freelance Premiere Pro Video Editor position.

Attached please find a written CV up till March 2014. For the past year I was working on a freelance basis, mostly with Monolith Limited, on projects like Cisk Lager ( ), Malta Enterprise Milan Expo 2015 promo ( ) and Linguatime ( ) amongst other local and international projects.

You can find an animated CV and a showreel on

For work with Blaze I used to use a 5D Mk2 with a set of Zeiss prime lenses and a Sony EX1. With Monolith I used the Blackmagic Cinema Camera with prime and zoom lenses. I also took care of lighting, set ups, direction and sound on a large amount of projects.

There you can also find a short time lapse movie that I made in Japan, as a sample of photography in motion and an exercise in shooting with minimal equipment (one dslr and gorilla pod).

One of my passions is travel photography and my style has been described as journalistic. I love shooting people, locations and objects in natural lighting conditions, capturing moments that can't otherwise be staged. Here you can find a small sample of my photographic work, mainly using a Canon 450 D and 550 D with a variety of lenses, from old manual 50 mm 1.7 to an zoom lens.

Whilst awaiting your reply,

thanks and regards

Tony Camilleri

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