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A versatile multimedia journalism student, with a special interest in fashion and travel writing. I am passionate about creating engaging and compelling content and strive to give each story a unique voice. I am in my second year pursuing a degree in journalism at the University of Westminster, where I have developed skills in audio and video as well as a broad understanding of print and digital platforms.

My time in London so far has taught me to communicate with people from all walks of life. In addition, by increasingly using my blog as a platform to develop and grow creatively I have learnt how to write in various formats. I have always credited myself for being a people person and hope to pursue a career as a freelance writer for an online publication.


3+ years of customer service experience in various companies, adobe audition, adobe indesign, Art Direction, Audio, Editing, Editorial Design, Excellent communication and social skills, Hospitality, Journalism, Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Negotiation, Photo Editing, Photoshop, Production, Proof Reading, Radio, Video-Journalism, WordPress – blogging skills, Writing

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