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For over 9 years I have been producing content for jewelers, jewelry companies and stores. This direction requires good taste and considerable skills. I specialize in top-end, HI END retouching. This is a difficult and painstaking job. But I can also offer basic photo processing in a more economical segment. Often, such processing is quite enough for your catalog.

The range of my clients includes more than 10 countries. I work with many foreign and domestic brands. If quality is important to you, you should certainly contact our studio!

Post-processing footage - retouch:

Retouching the footage is a very important and painstaking process, sometimes in the literal sense you have to finish painting the picture.

-Light and color correction, removing scratches and other defects, correcting glare and reflexes, fitting and cropping, combining and combining, separating from the background, transferring to various formats. Processing is performed of any complexity using RAW converters, graphic programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and others as needed. High-quality retouching and correction is impossible without understanding the graphics and requires artistic taste.

Subject photography:

- Subject photography of complex objects - jewelry, jewelry, watches, perfumes, accessories. This work requires a lot of painstaking and patience, knowledge of black and white drawing, gradients and texture of the material. It is advisable to use high-quality, specialized photo and lighting equipment. (the process is laborious, requires preliminary preparation and various approvals from the customer) The footage is retouched. If required, clipping and separation from the background.

- Subject photography is ordinary - clothes, shoes, any accessories, household appliances and other goods that do not require a large increase and detail.


Brand / Logo Design, Photography, Retouching

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Advertising, Design, Fashion, jewellry, Photography

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