About us

We’ve unified.

We’ve united.

We are Tag Collective Arts.

And when we say we, we refer to the following companies, formerly separate entities under the Tag umbrella:

Smoke & Mirrors

Big Buoy

Rock Hound


World Writers

Our new, effective, streamlined offering is end to end and every piece of work is informed by specialists in each field. Our full service capabilities include:

Global post-production and visual effects

Production and content creation

Digital and social media content

Language services and transcreation

We had all the pieces, COVID-19 just gave us that nudge to put them all together in a slick and scalable way.

The people you trust to deliver best in class creative are still here, and who knows – you might even make some new friends along the way!


3D Modeling, Advertising, vfx

Sector Experience

Advertising, Colour grading, Communications, editing, Film (Short / Documentary), Sound design

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Annual 2021 People's ChoiceLung Cancer, See Through The SymptomsAdvertising: Print Annual 2021 People's ChoiceCreative Services Company of the Year Annual 2020 BronzeRapha X GORE TEX - The Ultimate RainwearPost Production Annual 2020 People's ChoiceClear Vietnam3D Annual 2018 SilverWheels vs GravityProduction Annual 2018 BronzeDawn Black BadgePost Production Annual 2018 People's ChoiceDawn Black BadgePost Production Annual 2017 WinnerTrident - RescuePost Production Annual 2020 ShortlistJacamo | Winter 2019Production Annual 2020 ShortlistLemsip, Comfort WorldPost Production Annual 2020 ShortlistCreative Services Company of the Year Annual 2017 ShortlistMitsubishi - LeaderPost Production
Top 10 Post Production Agency Project featured:Head and shoulders - Leftfield
on 21st February 2017
Project featured:Wheels vs Gravity
on 20th February 2018
Project featured:There's No Substitute for Water
on 28th February 2018
Project featured:Keep It Interesante-Since 1897
on 5th September 2018
Project featured:Good Hands
on 7th September 2018
Project featured:Pull Together
on 20th September 2018
Project featured:There For You
on 10th October 2018
Project featured:Lemsip, Comfort World
on 27th October 2019
Project featured:Comfort In The Chaos
on 25th March 2020
Project featured:Comfort In The Chaos
on 25th March 2020
Project featured:Nissan Brand Film
on 21st August 2020
Project featured:Clear Vietnam
on 21st October 2020
Project featured:Lung Cancer, See Through The Symptoms
on 28th May 2021
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