About us

Sweet Crude is a the create collective of Fraser Davidson, Simon Tibbs, Dina Makanji & Giedre Domzaite.

Working out of their East London studio, Sweet Crude produce awesome Motion Graphics & Animation for Advertising, Broadcast, Web, shits and giggles.

Having emerged from the fertile creative soil of Mainframe, the gang have many years experience producing high end work for great clients.

Since 2011, Davidson and Tibbs have been working independently for awesome clients like Bupa, Aviva, Channel 4 and Mindshare as well as collaborating with some of the World's great comedians including Bill Maher, Tim Key and Tim Minchin. Sweet Crude are also the animating duo behind The Alternative Rugby Commentary, their viral series reaching over 4 million people on the web and countless more on TV sets across the globe.




Bupa, Creativepool, Mindshare

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