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When the third-generation owner of a Dundee artisan bakery joined forces with a much-loved, family-owned butcher, the partnership created the dream branding opportunity. We were asked to create a new identity, bringing together two traditional establishments in a contemporary and innovative alliance.

We simply couldn’t ignore the traditional rhyme: ‘The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker’, which provided the perfect foundation for our approach.

We kept the name simple: The Butcher The Baker (the other being implied). The logo takes the shape of a candlestick, which subtly contains inverted silhouettes of the butcher and the baker, beautifully yet simply encapsulating the uniqueness of the brand offering.

When crafting copy for the shop signs, business cards and bags, we were again inspired by the nursery rhyme. We remained true to the familiar rhythmic lilt and rhyming patterns of ‘Rub-a-dub-dub’ but looked for opportunities to play with the third line, creating a sense of intrigue and creativity. From ‘The butcher, the baker, the shop opens later’ to ‘The butcher, the baker, the friendly ice-breaker’, we saw an opportunity to convey a commercial message with a playful twist. The style of communication thus mirrors the project itself: a traditional and comforting foundation always kept relevant through surprising inventiveness.

The new brand had only just been launched and the shop has been open for 3 months. It has been received well and has helped establish themselves as a traditional and artisan supplier of fine quality meat and breads.

“The hidden reveal within the logo always brings a smile to the faces of our customers and starts a conversation. It has helped us gain a lot of interest and new customers. It’s become a talking point at the till and in the town. The new branding has lead to great PR including being featured in the Evening Telegraph. The branding has become talked about as much as our product.” – David Webster, Founder

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