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My name is Avi and I'm a workaholic designer and technologist. In the past seven years I specialized in Interaction and Physical Experience Design. I am brief cracker, the organizer, documenter, and entrepreneur type of person. No matter what I see, I can critic and find better, more efficient ways to do it. Upon dealing with designers I inspire them to try harder, be more precise and polished, with coders I push the boundaries towards better information architecture, cross platform combines with innovative new connections. Integration of immersive technology into any project is a must for primacy and innovation, in my opinion.

I'm a good listener, and very clear when I talk. As a freelancer I've done a variety of projects including: apps, websites, short films, online services, adverts, and the well-known London Music Tech Fest. I work in a team, although very comfortable working alone if required.

I love my job, I love my current job, with that I'm always trying to push further.


Fast working on all graphic programs including all adobe software especially in Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator and Indesign., Multi disciplinary skills: I do code: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, max MSP, arduino, Cubase., Personal, *********, Entrepreneur, The web is connected to my veins, Extremely motivated, Fast adapter, autodidact, Excellent communicational skills, Patient, Acting skills, good in presentation and persuasion

Sector Experience

2012 - Present, Stromatolite ltd | Experience Designer, Stromatolite specialize in search technologies and music related, innovative, reseach driven projects., Design practice based on research., Creation of the MusicTechFest London., Synaesthesia - NEM ‘art meets science’ prize (Istanbul 2012), 2005 - present, Superavi | Founder, An innovative design company., Build cross platform brands (print, broadcast, web)., Created a well-known design company which is able to serve, collect, and preserve high-end clients., 2009 - 2011, H.I.T. Holon Institute of Technology | Teacher, and Researcher, 2008 - 2009, Atarim Group Inc. | Designer, A company specialized in social networks for adolescents., Constructed new platform for night life website that took 30% present, of the market in two months.


Synaesthesia - NEM ‘art meets science’ prize (Istanbul 2012)


BBC, Cisco, EMI, Goldsmiths University, Last FM, Ninja Tune, PIAS media, Queen Marry university, Shazam, SoundCloud, Warp

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