For agencies

Looking for new clients? studiobriefs are live briefs posted by companies looking for creative service companies. We take each company through the steps on formulating a brief, check the companies credentials and then send the brief out to matching companies like yours.

How do I receive studiobriefs?

To ensure that you receive relevant studiobriefs ensure that both your Company Profile and Company Details pages are completed. Companies posting are encouraged to look over your company profile and as such you should ensure that this is up to date with a selection of current and relevant work. studiobriefs are sent through our messaging system so also ensure that your Contact Preferences are up to date.

studiobrief application process

Once you have received a studiobrief and would like to put your proposal forward for it there are a few steps that you will need to undertake.

1. Ensure that your profile is up to date and presents relevant to what the client is looking for.

2. Fill in the introductory form that will be sent to the client giving an indication on why you will be a good fit to the studiobrief. You are encouraged to point to projects on your profile that showcase your abilities.

3. Once you have sent your application then wait to hear back from the client. All communication is done through the platform and through your profile.

4. If you are lucky enough to have been selected by the client then it is then up to you and them to negotiate terms. We do suggest that you keep all communications regarding agreements on the platform so that you then have a third party record of any agreement.

Got questions about the process or a particular studiobrief? Get in touch with our ex-agency staff who will be happy to help.