About us

We enrich the relationships financial brands have with their customers by simplifying the world of money.

Space was formed when an IFA and Creative Director joined forces to realise an idea: To bring together industry, technical and creative brains to help the financial services industry build more rewarding relationships with their customers.

Today we have over 30 of these brains, all bouncing off each other in response to our client’s challenges. They’re all very different animals. But they all share the same passion for all things financial.

We’ve built everything from underwriting engines to wealth management platforms and from advertising campaigns to global brands.

Our unique blend of skills means we’re able to get to grips with projects faster, help you identify opportunities quicker and exploit them to their maximum potential.

We are a full service agency which means we have a very wide range of skills, however we consider the following to be our core expertise.

Technical Development

Front-end engagement, back-end integration, fully transactional and multi-channel, our dedicated technology team, Space 02, have seen it, done it and got the IT-Shirt. They’re agile, passionate about your commercial needs and always keep the user front of mind.

Design & Content

Our industry experts will capture your intellectual property and our creative talent will repackage it in a way that captures your audience’s imagination. Whether it’s a website, brochure, ad or film, we’ll deliver your message with a wow factor.

Communications and Brand Strategy

We’ll dig deep to find out what sets you apart. And, whether it’s a product or a service, when we’ve found it we’ll refine it, polish it and communicate it in a way that sets your brand apart.

User Experience

It’s a balancing act. We weigh up the needs of the consumer against the needs of the business then wrap it up in the language of the brand to create an experience that is rewarding for everyone.

Ideas Generation

We generate ideas. Lots of them. Communications ideas. Product ideas. Functional ideas. And we don’t wait to be asked. If we think an idea will enhance your business we’ll put it on the table.

Research & Insights

We talk directly with both businesses and customers to gain relevant insights. We use this insight to rapidly test and validate ideas and propositions that will improve your business performance.



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