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Sinelab is the work of Graham Hutchings based in South Wales.


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Top 10 3D Agency Project featured:What if he wins ?
on 20th February 2020
Project featured:GQ Magazine Autonomous Concept Car Design
on 21st February 2020
Project featured:Popular Science 100 Cover & Inset
on 24th February 2020
Project featured:Dyson Electric Car Concept
on 12th March 2020
Project featured:Minty Animation
on 20th March 2020
Project featured:Sports Illustrations The innovation Issue
on 1st May 2020
Project featured:The Royal Mint - Annual sets 2020
on 12th May 2020
Project featured:St Louis Magazine
on 21st May 2020
Project featured:Fortune 500 Cover - China
on 29th May 2020
Project featured:Abortion Wars Illustration
on 23rd June 2020
Project featured:Trade Wars
on 16th July 2020
Project featured:Future Bridge Concept
on 28th July 2020
Project featured:Gulf Shore Magazine August 2020
on 5th September 2020
Project featured:ChefIQ
on 3rd November 2020
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