The Consumer Trends that will define 2021

How’s the new year treating you? Feel any different yet? Well, according to some reports, consumer habits have changed quite a bit in the last year and you could arguably speculate that a global pandemic may have helped with that. With people...


Two minutes of noise for the NHS and the art of self-isolation

Last night at around 8pm, something quite spectacular happened: En masse, the UK took a few minutes out of its prolonged panic and self-isolated worry to take to their doorsteps and applaud the people who have emerged as the real MVPs in this time of...


Oscar Pop: The 2020 Academy Awards through a Shutterstock lens

With the 2020 Oscars right around the corner, Shutterstock has just officially unveiled its latest Oscar Pop! poster series. A tradition among Shutterstock’s design team, the series combines the vibrant and sometimes playful colours, styles and...


Creative insights: Oliver Lyu on a career in stock music 

Shutterstock isn’t just the internet’s go-to repository of stock images, it’s also home to thousands of stock music tracks that offer a more affordable solution for filmmakers who might not have the funds to licence Taylor Swift...



World Cleanup Day 2019: Zero waste and plastic-free photography

Can a photo save the world? With World Clean Up Day taking place on the 21 September, explore tips by top Shutterstock photographers on how they empower environmental issues through powerful images. When UK photographer ​Kev Gregory​ made his...



Top 5 tips for mastering Shutterstock Editor

In 2019, the world of marketing is more visual than it ever has been. Big social channels like Instagram and Pinterest focus on amazing visuals, while print materials have reached new levels of sophistication. An engaged audience expects beauty...