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I've been working as a graphic designer for the last ten years at the DHAKA in BANGLADESH. In that time, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects including print advertising, storyboards, commercials, and DVDs. With the client base currently dwindling, I was looking for an opportunity for more growth and creativity when I saw your ad last Sunday.One of the things that I've noticed many of my coworkers having difficulty with is the idea that what we do is both art as well as a work for hire. No matter how well I conceptualize and design a project, it has to meet the needs and requirements of the client, not just look good. I find it a personal challenge, and one that I enjoy quite a bit, to try to balance both of these objectives. While it can be difficult, I have been quite successful in finding ways to solve this problem, revising the finished work as needed but also communicating when the client's ideas won't work and why. Generally speaking, I've found that once they understand it is a technical issue, not just taste, they're more than happy to allow me to give them the best work possible.As I understand that sometimes there are unavoidable deadlines working within the entertainment industry as your company does, I am flexible with my time and able to work evenings and weekends as necessary. I look forward to the opportunity to show you my portfolio and discuss how I can be a valuable member of your team.Md. Zahirul Islam (Shovo)



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