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So it's come to this, my About Me. A place to reduce my entire existence into a neat, digestible chunk of writing... or die trying.

To cut to the chase, let me just say that I'm looking for full-time employment as a copywriter. Here's my portfolio - *

I'm a former co-founder of The Dangerous Kitchen who made a game in a hotel lobby and released it in the launch period of the Nintendo Switch. I was involved in pretty much every aspect of development and running the company, but it was the copy that took hold of me as I wrote our press releases, interviews, video scripts and countless promotional materials, including our successful Kickstarter campaign and pitches to Sony and Nintendo.
I became a copywriter not by choice, but because—yeah ok, it was by choice as I love the sultry struggle of trying to come up with the right words for the right moment. As I said before, I'm currently looking for full-time employment so if your looking for someone who has a humorous (debatable), conversational tone of voice and knows how to maintain said voice throughout all communications, then please contact me on LinkedIn or email me here -

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