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Sebastião Lobo is an up-and-coming Portuguese jeweler and conceptual artist with an outstanding personal aesthetic. Aged 21, Sebastiao has already produced an impressive array of solitary pieces as well as several thematic collections; despite being wildly diverse in appearance, they all carry his signature style. SebastiaoÌs distinct craftsmanship and technique, paired up with the sublime, almost surreal wilderness of his work is what sets this young artist apart. Just as elusive and mysterious as his creations, he prefers telling a story and making an impact through his work, rather than words. Following a constructivist approach, the artist gently guides the viewer in his magical real. Sebastiao Lobo's pieces reminisce of obscure dungeons, forbidden games, chimerical characters, painting the image of a decaying pseudo bourgeoisie-apocalyptic scenario. Regardless of the theme or concept behind his creations, the items crafted appear almost alive, taking the viewer into a fascinating micro-cosmos, unlocking the darkest corners of the viewer's imagination. Looking through the artist's portfolio, you feel as if you are witness to a bizarre invasion of insects of unheard of qualities magnified through an extraordinary jeweler's glass. The magnetism of Sebastiao's designs is to be found in the perfect metal mixes and smooth transitions, the carefully balanced intertwining of blurred, fuzzy contours and entanglements with harsh, precise hammer strokes, and the alluring way the designs capture, reflect and diffuse light. The artist works with wire, common metals, various organic materials (wood, clay, tissue), as well as with noble, pretentious fabrics and textures, such as brass, copper, gold etc. Nothing is a no-go for Sebastiao as he truly believes that anything and everything has an exceptional potential and could provide interesting visual results. His atelier is a living, breathing proof of his unbounded imagination and passion for toying around with random objects found on the street and the strangest materials.


Jewelry Design, Sculpture, Set Design

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