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Welcome to Scamp School, a place for tips and tricks, information and inspiration, designed to help you master the art of scamping - be it by hand or on a computer.

Scamp School caters for Art Directors of all levels – from students looking to learn the basics and gain some industry tips, to seasoned professionals who wish to discover how to utilise today's technology to help take their scamps to a new level.

Whether you’re scamping for a client, a creative director, or as a note to self, there is a knack to getting your thoughts on paper in a way that others can understand and buy into.

There is no definitive answer, rather a whole host of techniques that may work for you. Our goal is simply to share and teach as many of those techniques as we can in an attempt to take the guess-work out of creative scamp drawing.

Good luck and happy scamping.

Founded by Greg Harvey and Jack Patarou, both professional Art Directors.


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