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Sandra Staufer, illustrator, visual thinker and graphic designer. After a long career as a Creative Director in a media company, I am returning to illustration.

I am driven by a desire to bring my strong commercial experience and instincts to help the personalisation and differentiation of company presentations, blogs and websites. Ensuring they are memorable and helping organisations stand out from the crowd.

Well considered, bespoke Illustrations can be the magic ingredient that binds your product together to keep your audience loyal. They may become part of an organisation's brand and help to build strong brand recognition. They can be assets for blogs, presentations, packaging and websites. They illustrate a booklet or training manual to tell an engaging story. I am passionate about telling a good user-centred story and creating engaging illustrations to lift your content.

Illustrated for MasterCard, and NZZ Folio Magazine.


Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography

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