About me

My training and professional career have allowed me to develop my creativity through totally different techniques and languages. This makes me a versatile person, with the ability to adapt easily and quickly to various functions.

Studying Artistic Photography gave me an important perspective on the handling and behavior of lights, shadows and composition, and prompted me to take the next step: creating videos. In addition, proffesional training in Graphic Design, provided me with a great knowledge of the graphic composition of shapes, colors or typography.

In recent years, my profession has been focused mainly on audiovisuals. I have dedicated myself to documenting various topics related to agricultural biotechnology. Carrying out tasks such as video recording and editing, as well as motion graphics, illustration, graphic design and photography. This job has awakened a lot my interest in 2 D animation, where I try to unite the different techniques that I have learned throughout my life.

I always aspire to increase my creative capacity day by day, improving both the technical and the artistic part. I highlight my enthusiasm, responsibility and proactivity, always waiting for new challenges that excite me and allow me to develop my professional career.


After Effects, Animation, Audio Visual, Digital Art, Film Processing, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Image Retouching, Motion Graphics, Painting, Photo Editing, Photography, Photoshop, Video-Journalism

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Audio / Visual, Photography

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