We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with luxury kitchen appliance manufacturing company Gaggenau, producing emotive brand films to launch new ranges, working in partnership with Maker Films to translate the brand's aspirational nature into the film.

From pitch, direction and pre-visualisation to 3D scanning, live action and CGI, this project is a full Saddington Baynes production. We capture elements and forms that reflect both the brand’s ethos and it’s design cues drawing connections between nature and architectural construction – to get a taste of the Gaggenau brand lifestyle - in a perfect blend of live action and CGI.

The Concept
Expanding on an initial pitch, our approach was to make a statement, creating a sense of intrigue and boldly push the boundaries of what’s expected from a product film. The direction for Gaggenau's top of the range self-regulating Vario 400 cooling series was honed during the pitch process and makes connections between grand architectural statements and nature’s own ways of controlling its environment. Mixing abstract product shots and blending together subtle storylines speak to Gaggenau’s brand values that it’s not just a product, it’s a statement.

Working to an extremely tight deadline, we streamlined our production approach by refining the storyboards on shoot location.

Using cutting-edge Lidar scanning equipment allowed us to create a 3D point cloud of the whole environment, giving our team ultimate flexibility in pre-visualisation to identify overall shots.

Full Shoot Production
With every detail of the promotional film shot in 8k we captured every detail ensuring that we were able to accentuate Gaggenau's minimalist aesthetic with clean crops, luxurious grades and a perfect blend of live action and CGI.

The film itself is a detailed sequence of macro imagery and CG textures; from the water droplets on leaves, to concrete and wood grain. Abstract shots of food draw the eye to delicate skin surfaces, making the viewing experience immersive and as true-to-life as possible.

Our production methods and creative team working hand in hand with Maker to design an entire film to tell Gaggenau's powerful story of distinct, brave and impressive design, inspiring customers to make a statement in their own homes.

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