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I am digital marketing professional with a strong analytical and creative skill set who is keen to apply these skills in the field of user experience and usability.

I have experience of formulating the methodology and recruiting participants for usability studies using eye-tracking technology as well as conducting the field tests and analysing both qualitative and quantitative data. In a study I conducted on the 'banner blindness' phenomenon I used a method combining quantitative eye tracking study data with qualitative interviews, which at the time had not been documented in the scientific literature. This gave me a great insight into the many issues impacting on conducting usability research and interrogating data as well as a thorough understanding of the relevant theories and their implications for businesses and web users.

I have worked in search engine optimisation (SEO) while the Google Panda and Page Layout algorithms have increased the importance of usability for organic search performance and have a good understanding of how design elements can affect search engine visibility. This has put me in a position where I am able to make recommendations for web design that will satisfy both web users and search engines. Having run successful search campaigns which have driven traffic to sites I am keen to further my experience of their activity whilst on-site in order to more fully complete the acquisition, interaction and conversion cycle. I have worked with designers to produce sites which are both optimised for organic search as well as satisfying web users and have worked on conversion rate optimisation in content and design which have decreased site bounce rates and increased engagement. I have also worked with web analytics software to measure the impact of traditional media channels on a site's traffic.

With the rise of the mobile web I am keen to be at the forefront of developments for this new media and relish the opportunity to discover new best practices and see positive performance as a result of my input.

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