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I have many years experience within the industry and have always had a huge interest within the creative field. I have currently been lucky enough to be shortlisted for a Creativepool photography award.

Due to the diversity of work out there and the progression of online media, I have had to adapt my skills whilst freelancing to each business and/or situation, sometimes out of my comfort zone but I'm always happy to embrace something new should the opportunity arise.

Whilst I have experienced redundancies first hand, I can say that without that, I don't think I would have progressed my skill set as rapidly as I have done in the past few years:

- I have studied Photography on a professional basis which I have had success with in multiple organisations

- I set about illustrating alternate movie posters in my spare time which led to a large instagram following and a couple of competition wins.

- I've had the opportunity to learn how to animate which I have utilised for some web mail campaigns, along with some basic coding lessons

- Have had the opportunity to brand and create numerous lines of packaging for Westlake fishing

- I have used my photo retouching skills at numerous businesses both for fashion and products.

I originally studied Fine Art when I was younger before moving to design which is why I enjoy being creative so much. Understanding lighting, colour and perspective lends itself not only to my Design work but also to my Photography and Illustration, which I personally think is a great understanding to have and probably why I can be so diverse in what I do.

My experience with Creative Suite is of a high standard and I have some great references from the great people I have worked with over the years.


Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Creative Direction, Digital Art, Digital Marketing, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing, Photography, Point of Sale, Print Design, Web Design

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Advertising, Fashion, Museums, Packaging, Photography, Point of Sale, Public Sector

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