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100 years of bookbinding during Covid

When our company Blissetts Bookbinders started in 1920, the Spanish Flu was raging all over Europe and most of the world was in a recession brought on by the Great War. When planning to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2019, no one thought we...



Design saved my life. Again.

On April 12th, I was one of those unlucky souls. I woke up feeling pretty rough, and initially put what came next during those 24 hours as being due to sun stroke (despite it being 19 degrees that day in London) - I was boiling hot, had a pounding...



Design Ethics - Conscience v Bank Account?

"My name is Robbie Patterson and I am a socialist." That's not the way I introduce myself to people I've never met before, it's certainly not the way I introduce myself to prospective employers, and absolutely definitely not something that appears...