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The Daily Mail chose to insult mummy bloggers, and used fish fingers as the symbol of laziness to beat them with. Cue an opportunity for a massive online backlash and a show of #Solidaritea support from Birds Eye.
Birds Eye wanted to make a stand for something they believed in - to put an end to the increasingly prevalent trend of ‘mum shaming’ by making a genuine and unapologetic show of solidarity for hard working parents.
6 in 10 mothers admit to feeling down because they feel they fall short of what is required in being a parent. Parents shouldn’t have to feel shame about how they raise their kids. They shouldn’t have to feel that what they are doing is not good enough. They know their kids better than anyone else and Birds Eye wanted to remind them of that and of just how well they are doing.

We reacted instantly to the Daily Mail ‘slummy mummies’ slur with a series of social messages, lending the brand's support, using #Solidaritea.
And then we created a film for these influencer mums - that starred them.
The film celebrates the positive roles that these women play in supporting the honest views of parenting on social media, showcasing the sometimes thankless parenting moments they face and for Birds Eye to stand with them in #Solidaritea.
The film shows our so called ‘fish finger five’ standing outside their homes with an emotive monologue supporting the daily challenges mums and dads face being a parent: “For every 5am wake up. For every Peppa Pig meltdown. For every spelt out swear word. For every “I want daddy”. For every Gin and Tonic. For every smile. For every fish finger tea”.
The film was posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Winner of The Drum's Best FMCG Social Media Campaign Award 2017.

The film was viewed over 2 million times on social, reaching over 3.7 million uniques.

The initiative has achieved universally positive engagement and cut through to a new audience of mummy bloggers.

There have been thousands of organic comments across Birds Eye and bloggers’ channels from people who don’t usually engage with Birds Eye, i.e. a slightly older demographic, and #solidaritea trended.

And in the battle Birds Eye found a new tone of voice for the brand and true brand position for Birds Eye – as an ally to all hard working and fun loving parents – a brand that is there for parents when needed


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