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Raiffeisen Bank International has a very diverse international working environment, a wide-range of career opportunities, is a certified family-friendly employer, and provides innumerous benefits. Around 47,000 employees service almost 16 million customers through around 2,200 business outlets, the majority thereof in CEE.
We believe that diversity is a key to overcome boundaries:
We are diverse – there are 5 generations, an active LGBTQIA+ community, 64 nationalities, and people with disabilities working in RBI. But having a diverse workforce does not automatically mean equal treatment, non-discrimination and inclusion. We believe that with celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion we will deliver the best possible solutions for our people, customers, stakeholders, and the society.
We have set clear goals until 2024 in relation to gender equality: to have women in 30% of leadership roles in RBI AG and 35% in RBI Group.
- A Hybrid Work Model enables flexibility and comfort, creating trust and commitment among employees, and improving mental health.
- 9 to 5 is an outdated concept for us. We offer fully flexible working hours and mobile working. Many of our offices are open-space.
- At the end of 2020, RBI received the state certification "workandfamily" for its family-friendly human resources policy.
- Childcare just around the corner? Literally, because we have daycare centers in walking distance to our office locations.
- The company also offers public transport benefits for commuters within and outside of Vienna – for instance, we sponsor the Wiener Linien annual ticket.
- The internal restaurants offers a wide variety of meal options with a strong focus on healthy and organic food, vegetarian and vegan options included. And the prices are strongly subsidized.
- The company firmly believe that learning is always worthwhile. Therefore RBI invests in training and professional development not only on the employees' expertise areas, but also in any other topic of interest.
- Various sports activities are also subsidized by RBI.
- RBI employees also have access to a huge portfolio of discounts for partner businesses in all areas (supermarkets, fashion, restaurants, online shopping).
- Notebooks and smartphones and obviously a given.
- The company also manage a pension fund for our employees so they have one thing less to worry about.



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