About us

POPS Worldwide is a Vietnam’s leading company in multimedia entertainment and also the distributor possessing the largest base of copyright digital content with a vast array of digital distribution stores in Viet Nam. We are, in addition, a YouTube certified partner based in Viet Nam.

Since the inception in 2007 with the head office based in Ho Chi Minh City and the very first operating foundation, that is, investing in digital music projects, we have been creating strong partnership with the world’s top music brands and Vietnamese artists, aiming to develop a distribution network of copyright Vietnamese music. Until 2012, POPS has promoted a civilized music industry as music has been made available for Vietnamese people to listen to, to buy and to download legally from Viet Nam’s distribution network as well as from iTunes and Amazon. Therefore, we are the world’s largest distributor of Vietnamese digital content now.

As the early pioneer in the field of digital entertainment in Viet

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