About us

PLSE is an upcoming footwear design and manufacturing company that is seeking to contribute to the growing future of footwear design through research and possible improvements in the fields of:

-Foot ergonomics and gait analysis

-Material science

-Market research and constant trend spotting for new ideas.

Although PLSE’s top priorities line up with the successful functionality of a shoe design, there are other factors that most would consider trivial that PLSE will also dedicated time and effort to.

Factors such as aesthetics, durability and comfort are of equal importance to us and we believe that a fully functional design should cover all of these factors for maximum customer satisfaction because we want to satisfy the needs and wants of all our potential customers.

This includes a wide range from a normal working class individual to the top athlete and most passionate "sneaker head".

We aim to connect with our potential customers because footwear is not just a tool we use for mobility and safety but to some sneaker enthusiasts it is a form of art and expression that helps people connect on a social and spiritual level.


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