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My journey in Fashion and footwear design began many years ago like every other designer out there. Driven by passion and fuelled by creativity. I always saw the world differently and observed fashion with a keen and meticulous eye. I started creating my own fashion designs at the age of 11. Some of the designs I made then are only becoming trends 13 years later today and of course some were not so good.

I would have had a more solid base in fashion with a fashion and textiles related degree but my plans took a bit of a diversion. My meticulousness, spatial abilities and creativity influenced my parents to see engineering attributes in me than I saw myself but that was true. I had a gift of visualising mentally; clearer than many of my colleagues and this gave me an advantage. As a result, I obtained an award from Cambridge for obtaining the highest mark in Design and Technology in the whole country (Zimbabwe at the time). I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2019. During my time studying as an Engineer I continued designing different things but began focusing more on footwear. I have created some interesting work and was encouraged by so many people to pursue footwear design full time. I fell in love with that idea and I have immersed myself fully in the world of footwear design. Although my approach is more old school, my creativity and eye for detail is still justified.

A few people find an Engineer who is into Design and fashion a tad weird. It might appear as two fields totally unrelated but that would be far from the truth.

Engineering helped hone my design senses and improve on my ability to think outside the box to solve problems and come up with impressive solutions to those problems.

I am currently working on launching a sports brand with my colleagues that focuses on comfortable and trendy sneakers.


CAD, Cambridge Engineering Selector, creativity, Effective visual and verbal communication, Fashion Design, fea, footwear design, meticulousness, project management, sketch artist, solidworks, Star CCM+, time management

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Cambridge award for Design and Technology

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