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pew. started off as a design duo by its current founders, Nourhan and Al Hassan. Both born and raised in Egypt, they shook Cairo’s local market by introducing a truly subversive, unique approach & look. Within a year’s time, their work’s magnitude echoed back to find themselves having worked with household brand names like YouTube, Google, VICE, Tabby & Swvl. They've both held senior designer positions at reputable agencies and have worked with a large & heterogeneous clientele body prior to pew.

They've both started pew. in January of 2017 to genuinely commit to the design process, and are continuously developing it through a profound research core and hands-on experimentation. Backing their unorthodox ways with cemented industry experience ultimately delivered, and still does, the most unforgettable design solutions.

In 2018, pew. expanded its team with collaborators that were carefully vetted to have the same drive and vision, which allowed pew. to expand and create bigger, more holistic experiences. pew. is now one of the leading design & branding studios, and the only one of its kind, in the MENA region, and is steadily growing a global client base. In 2022, pew. moved headquarters to Los Angeles to take on yet another horizon-broadening expansion.

We do the full range of graphic design services; from logo design & branding to experiential marketing and temporary architecture and special designs.



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B.TECH, Dukkantek, Dunkin', Google, Hotdesk, Kiwe, Lacoste, Paymob, SOKNA, SWVL, Tabby, Vice, Youtube

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