About me

- Try to participate in social activities and know how to communicate politely with customers

and colleagues ( I'm always in a good mood ).

- Work well in team. Good results are achieved with the deployment potential of

professionals from all units. Know how to listen to competent professionals.

- Make friends easily. Gain ground with people and have highly developed human values,

morality and conscience. Person with a calm nature, but at the same time pursue a dynamic

style of work and life.

- Do not show negative emotions and remain calm. Try to communicate continuously,

but not intrude.

- Have a clean criminal record and have no health problems.

- Repeatedly participated in exhibitions, artistic events, seminars, social studies and activities.

- Know how to manage a group enclosing a positive mood and desire for success.

- Persistent in achieving the goal, keep composure in difficult times and able to

decide and act quickly.

- Don't have an accident by fault or incompetence and was doing a number of critical situations.

- Work undertaken accomplish and not run away from responsibility for solving a task.

- Know how to listen to competent professionals.

- Possess a driving license from 2004, categories - B M. Since then always have a personal car. Currently own a car. Active and careful driver.

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English, Bulgarian
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