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I am the founder of #PaulinaLarocca, a science-based creative problem solving training and innovation consulting agency based in Sydney, AUS. I help companies grow their business by:

1. Training their people in the science of creative problem solving

2. Applying the training to real-life business problems to generate innovation

* I have worked with global companies like Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard Winemakers as well as Australian powerhouses like Telstra (muru-D) and Seven West Media.

* I am also an Innovation Advisor. Ask me any questions about innovation training, process, Design Thinking and facilitating ideation sessions

* I am an author and keynote speaker on creating a culture of innovation

* My first book Creativity+ Catalyst to Creative Thinking is a book, a philosophy and a toolkit packed full of disruptive methodologies to bring your ideas to life. Available May 2018.

Feel free to connect with me or drop me a message anytime at:

IG: instagram/creative__catalyst

Facebook: fb/paulinalarocca

Linkedin: linkedin/in/paulina-larocca-b/


1. Drive more innovation by training your people in the science of creativity

2. Improve your innovation process and pipeline

3. Create a culture of innovation to future proof your business from disruption


Brain storming, Change Management, Consultancy, Creative Direction, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Product Development, Teaching / Lecturing


Absolut, Seven West Media, Telstra

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