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Pâté is a London-based graphic artist with a quick wit and a strong, simple aesthetic. Working to the mantra that the 'Idea is King', Pâté creates concept-led images and type compositions for a variety of commercial briefs.

Pâte's innate ability to convert concepts into colourful and visually arresting images was honed over his successful career as an Advertising creative and Creative Director, with work that earned him over 130 industry awards, including the coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil twice. Now firmly established with nearly 10 years' experience in the commercial Art landscape, Pâté enjoys a reputation of being masterful and ingenious with his concept-led images.

Pâté has been shortlisted numerous times in the AOI World Illustration Awards, has sat on the lauded D&AD Awards jury and regularly lectures around the country on the power of visual imagery.

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Annual 2017 JudgeIllustration
Top 25 Illustrator Project featured:The Daily Telegraph
on 22nd November 2016
Project featured:Soho Not Soso!
on 1st December 2016
Project featured:Le Bon Marché
on 24th February 2017
Project featured:Airport Tipples.
on 24th April 2017
Project featured:Trainline Posters.
on 27th May 2017
Project featured:Turn Up Your Voice!
on 30th May 2017
Project featured:Airplanes & Alcohol.
on 2nd June 2017
Project featured:Trump On Mute.
on 11th July 2017
Project featured:Conflict Free Vows.
on 25th August 2017
Project featured:Connecting LGBT People through Technology.
on 11th September 2017
Project featured:Using Technology to Fight FGM.
on 4th October 2017
Project featured:Making a Song and Dance about Silicon Valley's Ethics.
on 16th November 2017
Project featured:The YouTube Algorithms that Seduce our Children.
on 4th December 2017
Project featured:Silicon Valley's Founder Factory.
on 26th January 2018
Project featured:Why quitting smartphones is the new quitting smoking.
on 23rd February 2018
Project featured:When is an Egg not an Egg? In Silicon Valley.
on 3rd May 2018
Project featured:The rise of friend-making apps.
on 15th May 2018
Project featured:The shame of my very low uber rating.
on 13th July 2018
Project featured:Cash Cow.
on 16th July 2018
Project featured:Advertorial illustrations for Volvic in Shortlist.
on 5th September 2018
Project featured:Food fight. How Silicon Valley perks are starving local restaurants.
on 17th September 2018
Project featured:Can AI really help us find love?
on 21st September 2018
Project featured:Screens could be the real online disinhibitors.
on 23rd October 2018
Project featured:GRETI.
on 19th December 2018
Project featured:The tenants' revolt. Rate your landlord online.
on 22nd January 2019
Project featured:China's social credit score.
on 14th February 2019
Project featured:Fake Meat and the future of Food.
on 3rd April 2019
Project featured:A New Kind Of Spy.
on 31st May 2019
Project featured:Straw Wars
on 23rd July 2019
Project featured:Harvard Business Review 2
on 1st February 2020
Project featured:The Virtual Good Host Guide Animation
on 19th May 2020
Project featured:Will lockdown permanently change the way we shop?
on 1st June 2020
Project featured:The Guardian Guide
on 11th June 2020
Project featured:Get Your Skates On! Advertising illustrations for Boots Opticians.
on 17th October 2020
Project featured:Japan's love of robots is paying off.
on 9th April 2021
Project featured:Energize Your Life.
on 20th May 2021
Project featured:Figure Out if an Animal's Happy.
on 4th May 2022
Project featured:Happy Christmas 2022
on 18th December 2022
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