Being a creative woman in Covid times

To us men, sitting at a desk and sipping hot drinks from our favourite mug, this pandemic sure felt a bit strange. No more taking the Tube to go to work, no more spending huge chunks of our day to commute and so on. So much time saved. Most...



Here's to you, women in the COVID-hit creative industry

“Thud is the dry blow, from my temples to my toes. The air escaped my lungs and I am overcome by a deafening silence. It is over. Finally.” What is behind a layoff? This pandemic, among other issues, has demonstrated our unpreparedness....


Patola Figueroa on being a woman in the creative industry

There are plenty of words we could write about Isobar Mexico VP, Patola Figueroa. There is plenty of time we could spend trying to capture her essence, her strength, her attitude to leadership and all of her personal backstory. But in truth, there...



It's pandemic day today. How are you?

How are you? A question rarely asked for fear of the answer. It is August 2020 in Mexico City. My spouse and I recently bought our first home and it is in a woody area. Its name translates into the Desert of the Lions, a name befitting my family; my...