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Informing your audience about what you do will bring your business to their awareness. However, communicating what you do will influence their behavior. The key difference: Connection. When people feel like they're part of your business's story, it becomes a culture. Think Apple and its iPhone.

I spent the last few years writing content and helping businesses convince their audience to use their products or services. Sometimes I succeed, other times, not so much. The inconsistency made me realize the value of relationship. A great offering plus a solid connection with your audience produces consistent benefits for both parties. The business will meet its bottom line while the customer resolves her challenge.

Bridging the gap between businesses and their audience is what I aim to achieve. Learning at Hubspot has been an eye-opener to possibilities, and earning its certification shows my commitment. A content strategy and marketing plan designed specifically for a business, and properly executed, will see it align its goals with that of its audience. There can only be one outcome: Growth!

Talking about growth, it happens to be one of my core values. When I'm not working, I'm most likely trying to piece together the legendary question "why are we here


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