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Illustrator from Melbourne, Australia

Instagram: nickybarkla


20th Century Fox, CBS, Disney, HBO Max, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, Pixar, Rhett and Link, SEGA, Steve Aoki, Target, Universal, Warner Bros.

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Top 25 Artist Project featured:'Creeper' album cover 'Eternity, In Your Arms'
on 17th July 2017
Project featured:'Atomic Blonde' artwork for Universal Pictures
on 18th July 2017
Project featured:Daniel Radcliffe oil painting
on 21st July 2017
Project featured:'bloom' | Machine Gun Kelly
on 25th August 2017
Project featured:'Annabelle: Creation' Poster
on 14th November 2017
Project featured:'Beetlejuice in Wonderland'
on 26th March 2018
Project featured:'Blade Runner 2049' Movie Poster
on 28th March 2018
Project featured:'Neck Deep' Tour Poster
on 2nd May 2018
Project featured:'Mayhem' Steve Aoki & Quintino
on 14th May 2018
Project featured:'Preacher' TV Series Poster
on 12th July 2018
Project featured:Conflicted Chameleons
on 19th July 2018
Project featured:'Rampage' Movie Poster
on 16th August 2018
Project featured:'License to Drive' Illustrated Poster
on 15th October 2018
Project featured:Sansa | Game of Thrones X Starbucks
on 12th August 2019
Project featured:Beetlejuice Illustrated Poster
on 27th January 2021
Project featured:'Dumbo' Illustrated Poster | Official Art
on 5th February 2021
Project featured:Pop Culture Collective
on 15th September 2022
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