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I am a user-experience crafter with a knack for visual communication whose driving force is making technology accessible,interactive and engaging for people. Empathy fuels my research and design process so the end result is a delightful experience for real life humans! (Sorry, robots). I endeavor to bring a creative mindset in order to generate a human connection with the digital world with this belief that intuitive and relevant blueprints can empower users to engage in their lives to the fullest.

As a UX designer with a background in information technology, I strive to achieve the balance of lucid and nonporous communication with end users while outlining an attractive and yet beneficial visual design.

As a design strategist; responsible for designing user friendly interfaces, conducting brainstorming sessions with research teams, inspecting usability testing including AB, cross browser, device testing, user experience testing, draw theory including typography, color theory and prototyping and wire-frames designing.

Working with teams of product designers and developers to create an end-to-end digital immunization platform; a stand-alone water quality measurement and dispensing unit; a video sharing portal for farmers as well as for innovators - a makers space at Lahore and devising a Ranking system of Universities based of quality of research.

- Working with authorities concerned for developing and implementing design strategies of the branding of Information Technology University (ITU).

- Closely working with Scientists and Researchers on design & development projects at ITU.

-Managing internet marketing and branding campaigns for ITU projects.

-Mentoring students of MSCS D-Lab 2 to enable them for crowd funding application called "LetsHelp"

-Conducting hands-on training for graduate students at Information Technology University.

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Creativepool member since 19 February 2017