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Welcome to our Media Krafting laboratory, multy-level Kyiv-based (Ukraine) company which has diversified business model with revenue coming from video content production and distribution, media business consultancy, technical support, advertisement, education and media analytical edition. Thus we represent a wide range of exceptional programming from around the world the same as our own. Besides of this, we offer supporting service: technical assistance and content adaptation, media consulting and analyzing. We also create content on your demand and advertisement. We will find solution fitted specially for your concrete business.

Founded in 2008 MK Media Group connects professional from the different spheres of media industry united by one common goal - to prove that Ukrainian video content worse to be seen everywhere worldwide. With more than 300 companies in partnership including such leading global media players like Global Agency, Fox TV, DaVinchi, RAI and IFLIX, for 9 years of our existence we were able to earn a reputation of reliable media partner, covering by our activity more than 150 countries all around the world. We are inviting all possible partners and clients to join our network: Media Content Distributors, IT and SVoD Platforms, TV Channels, Broadcasters, Video Productions, Film Festivals and TV Markets, Media Analytical Editions and Informational Platforms. We create a new landscape of global media stage. Be at the stream with us.

Do not follow the stream, do not go against, create your own.

Expand the boundaries of your consciousness.

Break the wall of your imprisoned imagination.

Set your minds free.

Dare to be who you are.

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