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My name is Mirela Maria Niculescu, I have 30 years old, I am from Bucharest, Romania and I finished the master in scenography at Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography.

Starting from November, I live in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom but I am available for relocating. I'm also registered as a sole trader.

I am qualified for the creation of costumes and decorations for theater pieces, movies, commercials, videos, launch events, or concerts. The experience I have had so far speaks for itself, but I am open to new challenges that I will take to the end. I wish I had the opportunity to convince you of my skills.

"Spring Awakening" by Frank Wedekind directed by Vlad Cristache where I actively participated in the creation of the scenography concept, the costumes, the stage details, and the decoration. In this show, I especially aimed to recreate the conflict between generations and where it can lead to the misinformation of children who have reached the threshold of puberty.

"I do not matter" by Florin Coman, directed by Costel Stoica, where I made the scenography concept, the costumes, the stage details, and the decor. In this project, I aimed to show the contrast between people from the country and those from the city.

"Amanta" by A.D. Hertz, directed by Armand Calota, is a theater play called "Incurca lume", where I made the scenography concept, the costumes, the decor, and the stage details. In this project, I aimed to recreate the perfume and simplicity of the 1900s.

1. "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Gelu Colceag , in this play I aimed to show the despair of Ranevskaya and her power to stay up despite the weight she had.

2. "A stormy night" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Radu Gabriel, in this play I tried to bring to life Caragiale's world through costumes and decor.

3. "The Mothers" directed by Mihai Malaimare, a show in which I made the decor.

The latest projects I've worked on, are at Masca Theater are:

1. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, directed by Mihai Malaimare. In this play, I created the decor and the costumes.

2. "The Wall" directed by Mihai Malaimare. In this play, I have rebuilt the costumes in my own way.

The last project I've worked on is a movie which is in production, called "The bride's dead", directed by Cornel Gheorgita, DoP: Silviu Stavila, First: Cristian Pop, Executive producer: Mihai Sofronea, UPM: Madalina Andreea Ilie, Scenography: Marian Parvu, Costumes: Mirela Niculescu, Makeup and Hair: Claudia Musat. In this project, I created the costumes.



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