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The Animation and 3D industry always fascinated me since I was kid and motivated me to become a professional in this world. Through the years, I've always been looking for new challenges to improve my 3D knowledges and skillset, learning new techniques and stealing tips and tricks to improve my workflows, from the artists I had chance to work with.


In the past decade, I've been working with several agencies and studios around UK and Spain, so I had chance to collaborate in many productions that involved 3D, form animations for TV adverts and branding, to film's production and architectural projects too.


Each single experience I've made, helped me out to develop my own style and made me conscious of the complexity of this profession, which pushed me to stay in a continuous updating. Thanks to this, I am now able to prioritise tasks and chose the right workflows in each situation, identifying the right order to accomplish my client requests and delivering my works with the best quality and speed as possible.


I can definitely cover several roles in a production pipeline, but I can say the one that I've improved the most through the years is the "Lighting Artist" role, where I use my artistic and aesthetic abilities together with technical 3d skills and lights behaves knowledge, to produce my best works.

I can definitely fit into a production pipeline where is needed someone to build up an environment or illuminate scenes with characters and animating objects. I can fit in different graphic styles productions, from realism for CG or cartoony for stylized animations.

In addition, I'll be very helpful working as a "Layout Artist" too, helping in previewing shoots and setup 3d scenes very quickly, running test renders and exploring different colour looks.

Many times, especially when I collaborated with small companies, I worked as a 3D generalist. This also gave me the ability to manage and to produce many projects from begin to end, starting from sketching, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, and so on. In some cases, I've been asked to compose the shoots in post too, which was a good opportunity for me to learn Nuke and After Effects, even if I am not a real expert in both such as I am with 3D softwares.


I know very well and deeply most of the Render Engines available in the market (biased and unbiased), in particular: V-ray; Octane; Arnold; Red-shift and Corona. I can use all of them both with Maya or Cinema 4D, doesn't matter. I've learned how to setup and optimise rendering time to produce clean animations flicker-free.


To be competitive in the industry, I strained myself to develop great modelling and texturing skills too, which makes me able to create characters and organic models from scratch, using gaming workflows where I use Zbrush, Substance Painter, Topogun and Photoshop. I know how to export and bake texture maps, and most important, I know how to re-topology a wrong mesh and optimize it for animation or games.


3D Animation, 3D Modeling, After Effects, CG Modelling, cinema4d, Compositing, maya, Modelling, Motion Graphics, Octane, Rendering, vray, Xparticles, zbrush

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Advertising, Animation, CGI / 3D, Film (Feature), tv series


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