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My role a Social Media Practitioner means that I am always learning, keeping ahead of the latest trends in technologies and social media, as an early adopter I bring my clients the best ever service. Social media and tech are always changing and we need to make sure we are ahead of the competition and know the best route to reach our customers.

Freelance services include Social Media Management, including Ghosting for CEO's or other prominent clients. Social media integration: - Social media marketing & branding - Driving the social media integration (Marketing) effort within organisations - Online brand reputation - Influence Marketing - Social media adoption - Brand and marketing campaigns - Executive social profiling - Community management - Marketing and PR/Communications - Digital content strategies - Social monitoring & analytics - Website development and hosting.

I've been helping small businesses with Social Media since 2009 and have been in Sales for 30 years with marketing and education experience.

Communication technology is a passion of mine which started online around 25 years ago with IRC chat clients and then evolving with each new and emerging technology, I enjoy watching and learning the changes in communication.

My wide range of clients have included: Online Marketing Company, SyrinxZa, EdgeNLP, Ballman Roofing, Scarlet Orchid, Vocability, VoiceOver Store, Perfectly Social, Teach a Brand to Fish, Nvest, Gerda Weissmann Kleins books, Epping St Johns School, BreakThru Business Consulting, Area Media, Chemular, A Mind 4 adventure, Advantage Integral, EnSpirit, PurplePlanet, The Business Cafe, InBay plus much Ghosting and personal branding for CEO's and business people who would not wish to be known.

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