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Hi everyone! I'm Michael and I am the Founder at Creativepool.

Creativepool's purpose is to facilitate the connection of the global creative community.

My background is pretty varied. I've only ever had 1 "real job" in my life that I lasted about 6 months. I figured out how to do what I need to do by creating a spreadsheet that effectively meant I could do my days work in about half an hour.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I did a degree in marketing innovation and economics at the University of Dunedin - something that I stuck out but couldn't tell you a thing that I learnt. I spent as much time in physics, ethics and geology lectures as I did in my own (which isn't saying much). I was invited to do a Masters but I wanted to get out...

I set up my own design company in my home country of New Zealand. At that point I could draw but knew nothing about design and in fact I wasn't the best designer. But the company did ok. Enough for me to sell up and get on my pushbike and cycle from Sydney to Singapore, (one day I'd like to do the other half of the journey - but maybe on a motorbike..) I've been in London ever since and after a stint of buying, doing up and selling property, I started Creativepool from my bedroom. Since then the site has grown into a truly amazing, inspirational and informative platform.

Creativepool is a passion for me and my team. We take great pride in what we do and how we are going about connecting the global community. Our aim is to help creative companies, big and small, to find the best talent, clients and suppliers. We champion and support the best in the industry and help those that are looking to improve. We take pride in facilitating relationships that can only happen on Creativepool. We push what it means to be creative to it's very limit taking inspiration from every sector and promote individuals and companies that do things differently. We live at the intersection of advertising, art, design, tech and science.

On a personal note I am a newly proud Dad to a little boy Maru who at 8 months old has developed a taste for house music. Before he came along I used to like travelling - preferably on a motorbike (I have 3 so I still get to ride!).

I hope you enjoy using the platform and if you need anything please do connect :)


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