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I did not want to be a copywriter. Yet, I've been very lucky to carve out a career as one. And here I am, applying for this Copywriter's position, as advertised on Linkedin

I started out as a journalist - gigging for alt-weeklies, small magazines, writing content for startups and interning for the occasional prestige publication. I eventually finished my Journalism Masters at City University with first class honours and proceeded to SC Media UK - a leading cybersecurity publication. During my years at SC, I honed my writing ability and amassed a small fortune of contacts. Most importantly, I learnt how to translate dense technical information into digestible stories that could introduce laymen to the world of cybersecurity.

After I was laid off, I was quickly offered work by a variety of global tech companies who needed a ghost writer to author white papers, thought leadership, bylines and product copy. Whether they knew it or not, they needed someone to breathe life into arcane technical knowledge, and translate it into something that their customers could connect to on a personal level.

Ironically, that's where the biggest hurdle in my early career as a copywriter lay - with the clients. In my experience, they've been hard-headed salespeople or technical wizards with little interest in storytelling. Often all they see is the technology, the products and the customers with very little in between. Overcoming that hurdle has meant teaching them two things. Firstly, that readers (or customers) want to feel as though they are in a personal conversation with another human being. Secondly, that technical facts mean nothing without a context to put them in. That is to say, a story to tell.

My area of expertise - cybersecurity - is admittedly niche. Then again, a writer is a professional amateur. If there is a through line in my career, it has been the fundamental ability to take a subject - sight unseen - and become an expert overnight. I'm looking for a place where I can find new stories to tell and broaden my experience.

If you do find me to be a promising applicant, I'd love to talk more.

Yours Sincerely,

Max Metzger

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