About us

Matmi is an award winning digital agency.

We engage leading global brands and buyers in successful, loyal relationships by creating pioneering digital solutions, games and apps across web, mobile, social and IPTV.

In this ever-evolving world, brands who work with us achieve astonishing results. We create pioneering online, social and mobile experiences which engage brands and buyers in successful, loyal relationships.

It's a phenomenon that we call the Matmisphere and many companies – including some of the world’s leading brands - have already experienced with great success. Since 2001, we've…..

- Taken John Prescott to Hollywood

- Helped Lily Allen escape her fear

- Taken thousands of people to the Celebrity Jungle

- Rocked the world with Iron Maiden (twice)

- Helped 13 million kids learn how to brush their teeth

- Tabled a monster romance with Apple

- Escaped to Plastic Beach with the Gorillaz


Digital Development, Games Design, Mobile App Development, Social Networking, 3D Modelling, Animation, Graphic Design, advergames

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