About me

I am a visual artist in traditional and digital mediums.

I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, working mainly with watercolor, ink, spray, acrylic and synthetic enamel to produce a symbolist painting, to create magical beings and explore alternative worlds.

For a long time, only my atelier was the silent witness of my work, until 1998 when I began to make it public.

Today my artworks are part of private collections and have been shown in group art shows and solo exhibitions.

In my work, I use many female shapes as the perfect excuse to produce fluidity, dynamism, cadences, and rhythms, to examine esthetics and its possibilities, as well as to question ideas behind the images and their constructions, and, how they influence our spirits.

My motivations and influences come from a huge source of inspiration: nature, traditional Japanese painters, jazz and funk music, symbolic painters, graffiti, old cartoons, underground comics, dreams, ideas about life, emotions, daily experiences, and so forth.

I feel about my work is to discover the magic when I remove the light from the paper. I hope with my discoveries to provoke in others a sense of stimulation and exploration, encouraging creative, new ways of thinking.

Today I am living in South America, Argentina. From here toward the world, thanks to technology, I am building my work and ideas into something bigger than me as an artist, with people toward a common goal of inspiring others and making a world more colorful. Fun, art, and spirituality to empower our human journey! ​


Digital Art, Fine Arts, Illustration

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