Invented by our client Quan Pham, the Companion Bike is a tricycle style bicycle that features a removable front seat and a foldable carbon fiber frame. Like every genius product, the Companion Bike is the perfect solution for those who are unable to ride bikes. What the companion bike can offer is the freeing feeling of riding a bike accompanied by a close family member or friend! While one person can sit in the front, the other can ride the bicycle from behind and help transport the other person around. Not only is this invention perfect for those with mobility challenges, elders, or kids, but also works as a great option for when you need to move large items from one place to another!

The Companion Bike is not only helpful is who it can serve but comes with a bunch of great features that make it a convenient and efficient product for the owner. Using the best Austin product design services to make The Companion Bike, the bike features a carbon fiber frame that is designed to fold making it easy to store or place on a car rack for travel, is adaptable and easy to use, is effortless in its set up or getting to other places and is allowed for use no matter where you want to go!

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