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Using in-house bespoke techniques developed from years of research Magik Door create extraordinary immersive environments …..

3D sound design and 3D audio

We create 3D sound design for everything for theatre, games, installations, film and exhibitions. We use the MAx MSP environment to communicate via OSC to a variety of other 3D software allowing us collaborate with artists working in other environments such as unity. We create 3D sound over loudspeakers which can be applied to any kind of 3D visual environment such as madmapper or hololens.


We create site specific immersive theatre productions which explore the furthest reaches of the imagination and that often incorporate cutting edge art and experimental technology . We enjoy transporting audiences to surreal and imaginative worlds which engage all the senses.

Interactive objects and spaces

We create objects that are capable of manipulating sound in 3D space as well as syncing up with 3D visuals .


We have the worlds only fult reconfigurable 3D audio PA for use in festivals . We can spatialise music such as Techno and Dub Reggae and ambient music in 3D dimensions creating imaginative and immersive spaces in festivals and events.

Sonic Art and installations

Our specialty is 3D sonic art installations. Often site specific we are used to working in some of the most demanding conditions in the world from the humidity of the Amazon Rainforest to a British Winter.

Science and Education

We have used 3D audio to create installations related to biological research and historical installations in museums.

Interactive 3D audio

We can create unique interactive 3D audio environments


Sound Design

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