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Hi there, nice to meet you!

My name is Line Beinkamp and I work as a freelance concept designer and illustrator. I have a master degree in literature from Copenhagen University and wrote my thesis on 'imaginary world building' within the fantastic genres. Thus I am very familiar with creating both visual and literary worlds.

My main expertise/competencies;

Idea and concept developing

Concept to illustration

Critical and analytical thinking

Experienced project leader

Good organizational skill and problem Solver

Visual and textual imaginary world builder

Thorough researcher

I mainly work with fantasy art and a cartoony style as exemplified through this portfolio. But I have also studied and worked with artforms like impressionism, cubism, expressionism, surrealism and naturalism via my master degree. Although I prefer creating fantasy based concept art and illustrations I started out as a naturalistic art student and has since found that fantasy art and cartoons is where my heart is at, and also a great place for merging genres. Knowing many different art styles has proven to be a great benefit actually.

Honorable mentions - People or projects I have worked with;

Esben Lash Rasmussen, senior illustrator at Riot Games

Mads Rosenkrantz Grage, scriptwriter and instructor

Aller Media ApS

Spejder Sport Magazine


I am always open to share, learn and teach students which I have done many times before. If you want to enquire about my full resumé or have any questions feel free to contact me.

Currently situated in Naestved, Denmark.


Digital Art, Game Design, Illustration, Visual Layout

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Arts, Computer Games, Design


Top of class


Aller media ApS, Mads Rosenkrantz Grage, Spejder Sport

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