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I am an outgoing and creative individual, with a lifelong passion for design and branding. A good design, a great and memorable logo, is more than aesthetic; its purpose is to represent the entity of a company or establishment, its true identity, and the way they intend their products and overall image to be experienced by the public. I find colour and typography exciting and am dedicated to bringing brands to life. I continuously view everything around me with a "how would I change that
Since childhood I have been designing clothing and sneakers. This passion drove me to realize my goal and create my own clothing line, opening a pop-up store in Manchester. My creativity expands into songwriting and singing in bands, where I also create the visual experience across all media.

I have recentley returned to the UK, having worked in Japan as an English teacher since September 2016. My career in the UK started in automotive engineering and progressed through sales, transport and emergency services to graphic design. My years of experience give me a wealth of skills invaluable to the Designer role. I am accustomed to working under pressure, to deadlines, demonstrated by my role as an emergency response driver whilst also studying for my Graphic Design degree. I took the lead in organizing and promoting end of year exhibitions for my class; and as Student Council Representative for my department I shared feedback to support program improvements to the faculty.

As a teacher and student I often give presentations, whether to design agencies pitching advertising campaigns, or sharing life in the UK with my Japanese students. My creative presentation skills help me to make an impact, with informative and engaging content. I was also invited to make a speech at the end of year award ceremony at the University of Salford, to an audience of over 100 people including Manchester United FC, Members of Parliament, Greater Manchester Police and high profile business leaders. I was commended on my engaging and entertaining speech.

At university I produced high quality visual art and written work, and am accustomed to proofreading and redrafting documentation to high standards. I graduated top of my class with an excellent recommendation from my tutors.

In my free time, I enjoy art & design, cycling, and all things automotive. I am a qualified car mechanic and blue lights emergency ambulance driver, proving I can work to deadlines and under extreme pressure.


Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Character Design, Client Services, Communications, Composing, Creative Direction, Data Handling / Processing, Digital Art, Editorial Design, Email Marketing, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Event Design, Event Organising, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Health & Safety, Logistics, Music, Performing Arts, Photo Editing, Presentation, Print Design, Promotions, Public Speaking, Research & Development, Singing, Sound Engineering, Teaching / Lecturing, Typography, Visual Merchandising

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