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I'm a Printed Textile and Surface Designer who is looking for someone to take a chance on my work and skill set, who can see my potential and who wants to buy my work; however in return what I can offer you is design eye catching florals and co-ordiates for fashion or home product. I have an eye for what sells having worked in retail for most of my life from the age of 15 and have honed my skills using sales figures, my design eye and knowledge of design, fashion and textiles. Having worked as a buyer watching for almost 10 years what customers want in colour, shape and design I can spot best sellers, what's going to be 'the thing' that a customer wants to buy, when presented with a collection of designs.

My bright and appealing designs, you'll never be missed if you wear one of my pieces, that no-one else has or knows about, you'll be unique. Or in your home your sure to get a 'wow' from your friends at dinner parties. I prefer to work bespoke and design one off projects or commissions where I can, or an in house studio, that way the designs stay timeless and fresh either in your home, on your wall, or in your wardrobe. You have a unique piece of art, a one off.

I attended the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh / The Scottish College of Textiles and, received a Bachelor's degree in Art with Honours, specialising in Printed Textiles with Technology for Fashion and Home. Some of my work has even been featured in international publications and media. Prior to this I studied a Foundation in Fine Art and Design so have a love of art, culture, garments and the history of design.

I'm an award winning Artist and Printed Textile Designer specialising in unusual and unexpected florals' winning The Scottish College of Textiles scholarship fund award, a financial award to help go on exchange to America, for someone who hadn't really had the opportunity to travel growing up, living in a tiny Scottish village with a population of about 300 people (the size of a small business) where everyone knows your shoe size, winning this award was a major achievement for me and my parents at 21 and, America a huge eye opener for me.

I was chosen out of 54 applicants to take part in the annual exchange program to the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science / Philadelphia University, USA, where my studies included Garment Design and Pattern Cutting Technology, Fashion Illustration, Textile Design Research and Computer Aided Design. My exchange partner is the now Design Director of Ralph Lauren at HQ Madison Avenue, whom has become a good friend I still keep in touch with, which goes in some way to show my calibre of Design Skills, studies undertaken, dedication and passion to design, producing beautiful artworks for your company, your home or your wardrobe, which are designed in full seamless repeat.

During my career so far, you can see the type of fabrics I bought for the Larsen brand which included giving advice on fabrics to high end clients such as the Technical Team at Dior. This role also included being the product development co-ordinator for all 4 brands under the Colefax Group; Colefax and Fowler Plc., Jane Churchill, and Manuel Canovas as well as Larsen.

My technical expertise was given to company members worldwide, including the owner David Green and the then Creative Design Director, Ann Grafton, who is now Managing and Creative Director of GP&J Baker & Mulberry Home. During my time as an assistant curator I also gave artistic and creative advice to Dame Diana Rigg, best known as Mrs Peel in the Avengers, helping her choose a painting, which she then bought for her home in Scotland, Blair Drummond Safari Park, that she also owned with her husband, in addition to being the Patron of the MacRobert Arts Gallery where I curated.

For more information on my work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to contact me. As I'd love to design a piece of work for you whatever the surface I'm up for the challenge and have the passion and tenacity to match. Alternatively if you want to send me an e-mail, go to my linked in space above on the right, and click, it will take you to my linked in profile where my e-mail can be found.

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Nominee for RCA Print Completion., The Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science yearly Exchange Program., The Scottish College of Textiles, Scholarship Award. 1993.


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